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What Makes For A Successful IVF Process?

There are many different factors that play into successful conception via IVF, and the in vitro fertilization success rate of clinic matters just as much as a patient is willing to cooperate. Aside from following the process and going through the necessary procedures, there are things that couples can do for themselves to help increase their chances of success.

Rethink your habits

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, female smokers may have difficulty getting pregnant due to the chemicals found in cigarettes such as nicotine, cyanide, and carbon monoxide speeding up the loss rate of eggs. Given that a woman’s ovarian reserve produces only a limited amount of eggs in a lifetime, they can no longer be replaced.

Male smokers, meanwhile, are prone to suffering from low sperm quality not to mention low sperm count and impaired sperm motility (its ability to move), making the fertilization of an egg more difficult.

Check your weight and diet

It has been reported that 12% of all infertility cases are due to the woman being over or underweight. Being at the right weight evidently has quite an impact on successfully getting pregnant. This does not mean that women trying to get pregnant should start building muscle right away or go on diets to lose excess weight – it’s all about taking on a healthier diet and reaching a healthier weight. This is because a woman’s estrogen levels depend greatly on her weight.

When a woman weighs too much, the excess body fat tricks the body into producing too much estrogen, counteracting conception. Consequently, if she’s underweight, her body won’t be able to produce enough estrogen, inhibiting her reproductive cycle from behaving normally.

Take extra care when outside

The environment a person is exposed to every day could have a significant effect on their reproductive ability. Constant exposure to toxins, radiation, and various chemicals, such as what one may encounter daily if their job requires it or worse yet, if they live in an area that’s prone to such.

It can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, throwing off proper tracking of their ovulation and their fertile window. Frequent exposure to such harmful environmental factors regularly is also known to lower a man’s sperm count and affect sperm quality negatively.
Since it may be difficult or nearly impossible to go and look for a different job or place to live, limiting exposure as much as possible as well as wearing protective gear or apparel is important.

It’s easy to get excited upon seeing your clinic’s high IVF success rate, but remember that a large part of success depends on you as well, which is why it’s important to take care of yourself and get your body and mind as healthy as possible. Consult with your IVF specialist today about what you can do and explore your options today.

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