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Things To Ask Your Fertility Specialist

Fertility treatment as a whole can be an overwhelming experience not just for the woman, but the man as well, as IVF treatment is a journey that must be undergone with a lot of support. With something as intense as such treatment, consultation is an understandable part of the process, and asking all the important questions is important in helping you assess how right of a match the treatment is for you and your needs as budding parents.
To help you get started on those important questions, here are the top five matters to discuss with your fertility specialist.

What could be the cause of my fertility struggles?

It is always a good idea to address not just the problem of not being able to conceive itself, but seeing the root cause of your struggle to conceive as a couple. This is important not only to make your next attempt at conception (if you should want another child) easier to deal with, but to ensure your health as future parents as well.

What tests and procedures are available for us?

Depending on what your fertility diagnosis may be, there will be various procedures and even medication that can assist you on the journey. For women who only have trouble with regular ovulation, for example, medication can be prescribed to stimulate egg production. But if the cause is more complicated, such as the man’s sperm count getting affected by daily exposure to toxins, it may require further treatment-assisted measures.

How great is the facility’s success rate?

While success rate is not everything, a good one may help the couple feel more at ease with the treatment as well as serve as an inspiration for them throughout the experience. More importantly, it allows the specialist to explain further in detail the different factors that contribute to a good in vitro fertilization success rate.

How could my lifestyle be affecting my fertility?

Lifestyle is a major factor that affects fertility. The healthiness of your diet, the amount of proper rest you get, the habits you’ve had for years, or even the hobbies you’ve began to take up – these all have something to do with your ability to produce healthy eggs and sperm one way or another. This is why asking your specialist about your different lifestyle factors and how they could be affecting your ability to conceive – you get to learn about what lifestyle changes you should begin making immediately.

Will the treatment be too expensive for us?

With all the different procedures involved in fertility treatment, it is understandable for you to be concerned with IVF cost. Asking your specialist whether there are options available to make cost easier on the budget will be very helpful in determining whether it’s time for you to go with the treatment and, more importantly, leave you with enough financial comfort prepare for the little one’s arrival.

As you go on your IVF journey, remember that asking questions is always welcome—after all, it is your fertility being dealt with. Get in touch with our specialists today and let us begin exploring your options together.