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Post IVF Care

Post IVF Care

Considering IVF services in Davao but are worried about the aftercare? That is completely understandable. A lot of people who have gone through the procedure before can tell you what in vitro fertilization is, about its benefits, and how to prepare for it, but you may not have pointers on how to take care of yourself afterward, so it would only be normal to want to prepare yourself for what’s after the procedure.

To help you ground your expectations regarding IVF, here are some post-procedure tips worth noting.

Clear your schedule for days to follow

When it comes to IVF, it is deeply important that the woman remains in a relaxed state after the embryo transfer. It is a very sensitive period and a lot regarding the pregnancy could happen, so it’s best that the woman refrains from doing anything that could induce stress, including work and rush traveling. Make sure to get a good amount of sleep and rest.

Eat healthily

Aside from helping you feel better and helping your body recover with the right nutrients, eating a good, well-balanced diet after the procedure can help prevent any complications from happening further along with the pregnancy. More importantly, getting sufficient nutrients will be helpful for the baby developing inside you.

Avoid intense physical activity

Because of the sensitivity of the situation, a good precautionary measure would be to stay away from strenuous activities that could increase the likelihood of miscarriage. Light activity such as walking and stretching are best for keeping you active without compromising the safety of your pregnancy.

Keep things positive

Watch your favorite comedy series, invite your best friend to lunch, go to the salon, set a date with your partner – there are lots of ways to get your mind off your worries. Doing these in the days following your procedure can help to keep you in a positive mood, you can prepare a list to help you get as many options ready as possible.

These are just some basic self-care and precautionary measures to consider along with IVF. It is always recommended that you consult with a specialist regarding your concerns about the procedure.

As the top in vitro fertilization clinic in Davao, we have several specialists available to assist you in the journey towards becoming parents. Feel free to consult with one of our doctors today.