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Miscarriage As A Fertility Issue

Infertility is defined as the inability of a person, whether man or woman, to conceive. While this is a widely accepted definition, it is also very important for people to know that initially conceiving, but later on miscarrying at least twice in a row, actually counts as infertility as well.

This is the sad reality that many couples have to deal with. According to the organization ARC Fertility, around 15 percent of recorded pregnancies result in miscarriage. Read on to learn more about miscarriage as a sign of infertility, what causes it, and what you can do as a couple to overcome it.

Recurrent pregnancy loss

A single miscarriage may be due to a whole slew of reasons that do not necessarily have a direct correlation with fertility. It may be attributed to environmental factors and other health conditions. UC Health reports that “approximately two out of every 10 pregnancies may result in a miscarriage. Therefore, after having one miscarriage, most women go on to have a healthy pregnancy.” Recurrent pregnancy loss, or miscarrying twice or thrice in a row, is a different story altogether. It is one of the most evident signs of infertility.

What causes miscarriages?

A study by UC Health found out that non-environmental causes of recurrent pregnancy loss include:

Genetic-chromosomal defects
Uterine abnormalities
Incompetent cervix
Hormonal defects
Autoimmune disorders
Clotting disorders

Dealing with miscarriage

Whether it’s your first or third experience, a miscarriage is one of the most difficult things you can experience. As a couple, there are a multitude of physical, emotional, not to mention financial, setbacks that you will have to face together, and it is crucial that you are there for each other along the way. It is also recommended that before you try again, seek fertility counseling in Davao first. And always remember:

Be patient with each other, it is neither one’s fault
Give yourselves time to heal before trying again
Communicate honestly with each other and to your fertility counseling provider

supportive couple

Don’t forget that there is a chance for you to try again. Each fertility journey is different, and that’s normal. What’s important is that it ends with you coming home with your little bundle of joy in your arms. There are many treatment options and screening procedures you and your partner can undergo to minimize any risk of miscarriage. Discuss with your fertility specialists in Davao and know your options today.