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How Age Affects IVF Success And What You Can Do About It

Although there are a lot of factors that can affect how IVF treatment works, a large chunk of a factor depends on age. Apparently, you get to have a larger chance of success in the first treatment when you undergo treatment during your 20s and early 30s. According to research, women in their 20s and 30s experience the most successful IVF implantation because the viability of the eggs is still in their peak stages in natural fertilization.

Although it’s not something meant to discourage, especially when you are just starting to consider IVF beyond your 30s, IVF simply works more successfully when done at an earlier stage.


Statistics taken from 290 fertility clinics have shown that 37% of women under age 35 had successful IVF implantation. The number decreased to 31% for women aged 35-37. Moreover, the percentage of IVF success rate succumbed to 21% beyond the age of 37. It doesn’t mean it’s not possible to artificially conceive beyond 37, but it does matter to take a check-up with your fertility clinics or with a local in vitro fertilization clinic in Davao.

Don’t fret — age may be a factor, you can support and encourage success rates by improving your egg quality.

#1 Review your habits and lifestyle choices

Ideally, following a healthy and active lifestyle can improve your well-being and refine your chances of fertility. Self-care can also generate energy of positivity — one of the important factors that must also be considered pre-treatment.

Additional Tip: When you’re anticipating in ongoing treatment, you should avoid high-stress arousals as this can affect you and your baby’s mental’s intuitive cognitive capability. As much as possible, avoid possible events that may trigger pressure and stress.

#2 Integrate complementary therapies for wellbeing

Complementary therapies can be helpful but it shouldn’t be a replacement for an official fertility consultation. Both are equally important, however, in maintaining fertility health.

These therapies similarly include massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary supplements.

complementary therapies

#3 Have regular egg check-ups

Egg quality is bound to decline over the years and massively drops at the end of the woman’s 40s. Going to your local fertility clinic for quality “assurance” can help you formulate decisions to freeze your eggs, start planning a family, or undergo an IVF treatment. Besides, the best way to maintain and improve your egg quality is by being aware of its condition and the external factors that may affect it.

There are factors you cannot control, like your age, that may affect your chances to conceive. However, one must not be dependent on what she can control, but work hands-on with what she can.

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